Our company is also offering a service for sellers of residential real estate. This service is designed to help sellers transfer title to residential property at a reasonable price.

(The fees quoted on this website are based on a routine residential sale)
A routine residential sale has the following elements :
  • the property being sold is residential and does not contain more than one rental unit
  • seller is resident in Canada and is not an incorporated company

  • the sale price is under $2,000,000

  • the Contract of Purchase and Sale has already been finalized through the real estate agent
  • the Contract of Purchase and Sale does not provide for any holdbacks
We can, of course, assist in transactions involving non-residents or companies or multiple residential units or holdbacks or higher sale prices. Please contact us for information on the additional costs, if any of these elements are involved in your transaction.

The following services are included in the fee for a routine residential sale:

  • obtaining information from the Seller regarding their sale

  • obtaining information from realtor about buyer and buyer's solicitor or notary public

  • receiving and reviewing the Contract of Purchase and Sale

  • obtaining land title search information and reviewing same

  • contacting buyer's solicitor or notary public to arrange for delivery of transfer documents for seller's signature

  • receiving and reviewing documents and closing conditions

  • contacting seller to arrange appointment to review closing documents

  • meeting with seller and attending upon execution of documents by seller

  • returning signed documents to buyer's solicitor or notary pubic and finalizing closing conditions

  • upon closing, receiving sale money

  • arranging payment of sale money to seller

In the case of a routine residential sale and discharge of mortgage, all the foregoing information applies. The additional services provided are:

  • contacting mortgageholder to obtain formal payout information
  • arranging with buyer's solicitor or notary public to receive sale money conditional upon our undertaking to pay out the    mortgage and obtain discharge of that mortgage
  • preparing form of discharge
  • upon closing, forwarding payment of mortgage to mortgage holder together with discharge
  • receiving and reviewing executed discharge
  • registering discharge at Land Title Office
  • reporting to buyer's solicitor or notary public

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