Landmark Law Group has many years of experience representing individual, financial, corporate and government organizations. Our lawyers are able to assist you and your family in a wide variety of matters including real estate, wills, estate planning, probate and estate administration, incorporations and general corporate matters. As well, our close working relationship with other professionals enables us to assist you in crafting the right solutions for your legal needs for a broad spectrum of additional legal matters.

We take a professional and creative approach to helping clients meet their personal and business objectives and we are conscious of costs. Our objective is to be your preferred choice for legal services. We welcome your inquiries.

GAIL DAVIES obtained her Law Degree from the University of British Columbia in 1985 and the following year became a Member of the Law Society of B.C. She worked with a downtown firm for two years and opened her own office on Broadway in 1987. The firm that started as G. Davies & Company in 1987 has grown to ten employees and has now changed its name to Landmark Law Group. Gail's areas of practice include real estate, corporate, wills and estates. She is a member of the Real Estate and Wills Subsections of the Canadian Bar Association. In her spare time, Gail dabbles in real estate development. She is also a keen woodworker and has her own workshop.

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